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Production, design, manufacturing and commercials activities
for Quick Opening Closures as accessories for Plants and Pressure Equipment.

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We could define OCG S.r.l. as a new entry in Petrochemical Sector and, in general, in the Plant Engineering since it entered the market in the second half of 2017. But this assertion does not take in consideration the capabilities and a several-decade-long experience collected by Companies strictly connected to OCG S.r.l. and that the Company itself avails both for the engineering and manufacturing of the produced materials continuously.

The main activities that are in the scope of production are the design, manufacturing and commercials activities for Quick Opening Closures as accessories for Plants and Pressure Equipment, as well as their maintenance and technical professional advices in the Plant Engineering. The main Industrial sectors are Petrochemical, Chemical and Agri-food industry.

Made in Italy

In Petrochemical field, beyond the mentioned Quick Opening Closures that represent the core business of the Company, OCG S.r.l. can give assistance and consulting for engineering and construction of pigging systems for complete Launching and Receiving Stations working with other Companies skilled in this Sector. We have to highlight the possibility to develop also turn-key automation systems.

Our Quick Opening Closures are completely manufactured in our Company under specific requests of our Clients that need a quick and frequent access to the internal parts of every kind of equipment/vessels (Autoclaves, Separators, Filters, Launching and Receiving Traps, etc.) in safe conditions.

The design of the Q.O.C. is performed by skilled engineers and technicians with more than decennial experience in this field, using dedicated software internally developed and both traditional and with numerical control machining equipment.

Design and materials

Our Quick Opening Closures are designed according to International Codes such as ASME VIII Div. 1 and 2, Pressure Equipment Directive 201468EU and are manufactured at state of the art, according to contractual specifications of our Clients. The Q.O.C. can also be complete with automatic or semi-automatic acting system (both electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic type) to be interfaced to existing automation systems, or directly provided with automation and control system according to relevant SIL analysis.
Construction materials are according to clients’ requests: standard Carbon Steel such as SA105, SA350LF2, stainless steel (SA182 F304L, SA182 F316L e SA182 F51 o F53) or any other material according to the Clients' specification.

All the Closures are supplied with:

Safety device which prevents the Closure opening while in pressure, according to ASME requirements.

Hinge (for horizontal installation) or davit (vertical installation) to hold the head in open position.

Clear instruction both for the Installation on the vessel and for the safe Operation.

Accessories that our clients asks for, such as position transmitters to indicate the status of the closure in Control Room; the status is signaled by Limit Switches, properly located.

O-Ring type gasket for the sealing in a material suitable for the fluid characteristics and operating temperature of the vessel.


Three types of Quick Opening Closure are in our range of production: Threaded Type Closures, Sector Type Closures and Clamp Type Closures

Threaded Type closures

Thread Type closures

Suggested up to 12” size and pressure up to 600# rating. They are very simply to operate, since only the threaded cap is to be handled.

Thread Type closures

Sector Type Closures

Thread Type closures

Suggested from 8” to 50” and pressures up to rating 2500#. Even on high diameters, the opening or the closing of the Q.O.C. is done acting on the proper lever to move the sectors in a few seconds.

Thread Type closures

Clamp Type Closures

This type of closure is suggested for diameters starting from 6” and pressures up to 2500#. The opening is done acting on one tie-rod only which allows the opening of the clamps, rotating on a pivot installed on the opposite side of the tie-rod. Operating time, even fast, can last some minutes on heavy and large diameters. Usually they are delivered under specific request and for large diameters (over 50”), being the other types quicker and easier to operate for lower diameters.

Anyhow we can design and manufacture closure out of the above standards and we can supply products upon specific Client request. Besides the normal Material Certification for the Pressure Retaining Parts of the Q.O.C., as EN 10204 3.1 o 3.2, we can also supply Closure with ASME Partial U-Stamp. Obviously we can grant Spare Parts availability over and above the contractual Guarantee Period and the possibility of local assistance for their installation.

Clamp Type closures
Clamp Type closures
Clamp Type closures


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